speed controller with polarity reversal

This is a simple electronic speed controller (ESC) for brushed motors. The polarity reversal is achieved by employing a relay. The ESC is thus well suited for usage in scale model boats with moderate speed.

Build instructions, the firmware for the microcontroller as well as exposure templates for the printend curcuit board are freely available for personal use.


  • max. current: 15 Amp.
  • motor voltage: 6 V ... 12 V
  • PWM frequency: 2,5 kHz or 9 kHz
  • fail save
  • setup procedure for center position and full up
  • control and power stage isolated by an optocoupler



Speed Controller Manual
Author H. Crowell
Date 19.06.2018
Language  Englisch
File Size 346.1 KB

Speed Controller (Relay)
  • Firmware (.hex file) for PIC 16F627A
  • PCB layout exposure template
License private Nutzung Tooltip
Date 19.06.2018
Language  Englisch
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