16 channel encoder PCB

16 Channel Multiswitch Encoder

The 16 channel multiswitch encoder module is to be mounted in the RC transmitter, turning one proportional channel into 16 switching channels. For decoding the multiplexed signal, a 16 channel multiswitch decoder is connected to the RC receiver, driving loads like motors, lamps, LEDs or relays. More than one module can be used in one transmitter cabinet, if 16 switching channels are not sufficient.

There are two versions of the encoder module which differ in their switch positions to fit into two types of transmitter cabinets:

  • Robbe version for transmitters of type F-14, FC-16, FC18/28
  • Graupner version for transmitters of type MC-15, MC-18, MC-20, MC-24, 6014

Version for Futaba Transmitters

There is one PIC 16F627A microcontroller and eight toggle switches with center position. Some SMD parts have been placed at the bottom side of the PCB, but they are of type 1206 and easy to solder. The PCB layout is single sided, hence production is simple if you etch your PCBs yourself. There is a dedicated MULTI OUT connector on the transmitter's main board providing 5 V supply voltage and the synchronisation signal needed for multiplexing. The module will be connected the same way as the original Futaba modules, but please note that the protocol used is different from the original module and encoder/decoder modules are not compatible.

The toggle switches are available as latching or momentary types.

Layout for Graupner Transmitters

The placement of the eight switches is adjusted to fit into the transmitter. The PCB is double sided, no SMD parts were used. The microcontroller has a slightly changed firmware to cope with the transmitter's PPM signal. Apart from that both encoder modules are working the same way, hence the modules are not compatible with the original ones.